Backing up, and the joys of computer ownership.

Hello All, I am Trish.  I will be your guest author today and I want to talk to you about backing up your computer and the joys of owning a computer.

First off, who am I? I am one of Angela’s friends whom she has known since about 8th grade. When Ang went off to her College, We held tight our friendship and we tried to keep in contact as much as two people just out of high school can. Usually these bits of contact involved me trying to help her with her computer problems.

Today, this relationship continues.  I am the admin to her website as well as about 6 others, including my own company Lucky Lola studios, a wedding and portraiture company based in Columbus, Ohio.

This week, Angela, in dealing with ALL that’s going on in her world right now, seems to have lost her computer to the nastiest of all nasties in the computer world, Hard Drive failure.  (We are trying to get all her info off it currently, don’t despair yet, it might be repairable!)

Because of this, i wanted to reach out to all of her readers.

I personally believe that EVERYONE, in this day and age, should have a back-up system.  I truely believe that having an external hard drive is the best thing for all those digital pictures that we all take a million of.  If we were all honest with ourselves, we all know that 99% of all of our photos will never be printed.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t important.

Here is a GREAT website for purchasing external hardrives. Newegg is where i purchase all of my parts. I highly recommend them, for their reviews, and purchasing.

Next on my list of things to discuss with you is your Virus Protection and your ADaware Protection.

Please dont be snow’d. They are NOT the same…

Since this is a HUGE post, i will not clutter up the whole page with the information… I would ask that you continue by clicking the “More” tag below.