Seed Starting: Round 1


Sunday afternoon was spent starting our first big round of seeds for the year.



We filled pots leftover from last year with organic compost, and shifted them into the basement to be planted and set under grow lights (When we run out of pots, we’ll be using yogurt cups and such we’ve been saving over the winter.)


The day’s planting was 60-odd eggplants, including two standbys, Japanese Pickling, and Diamond. At Baker Creek’s recommendation, we’re also trying some varieties I’ve never grown before, but are supposed too do very well in short-season, cool climate areas – Pandora Striped Rose, Green Apple.  The one I’ve got the highest hopes for is Little Fingers, whose quick-maturing fruit is meant to be harvested when, well, as the name describes, when they’re the size of your finger.

Up next week, tomatoes, tomatillos, ground cherries, sweet peppers!