Parkrose Permaculture is a permaculture urban farm set on 1/4 acre in Portland, OR.  Angela and Casey started this project 14 years ago with nothing but sod and weeds and have built an abundant permaculture food forest, rain garden, and vegetable gardens.  Parkrose permaculture is home to 6 humans, organic, free-range poultry (ducks, chickens, and turkeys), 2 top bar hives of honeybees, and two rescue standard poodles.

Our work is centered around the 3 Permaculture Ethics of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share.  While running our permaculture farmette, Angela also runs a YouTube Channel focusing on permaculture design and gardening design.  Every Friday she also hosts a segment called Parkrose Hausfrau, focusing on the domestic skills and ecological living.   We also periodically have workshops, plant sales, and other pop-up sale events.

Some of our current projects:
The Parkrose Permaculture YouTube Channel
The Parkrose Honesty Farmstand
The Parkrose Permaculture FB Page
Parkrose Permaculture on Instagram

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We believe strongly that growing nutritious, organic produce should be an economical, sustainable, community-building, spiritual, and joyful experience.  We believe that the valuable skills and labor of homemakers can help make a more ecological, compassionate, and resilient world possible.

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  1. I stumbled across your website while doing a search on one of my favorite books, which serendipitously has the same name as the title of your blog. I see that there is someone else who likes to take pictures of her feet in lieu of her face. Also, your description of your little hen sounds surprisingly like myself. Down to what she wants to be when she grows up. Interesting. I hope you are enjoying your life.

  2. Hey Angela!
    Thanks for your thoughtful comments on my Quaker-y ramblings. I don’t know if I would exclusively call myself “Quaker”, since I am not even attending a Meetinghouse….but this is the tradition that seems to speak to me the most and can still hold my love for G-d through Judaism… The thing that turned me off the most to the local Meetinghouse communities is that it just seemed like a political activism forum that had co-opted a spiritual tradition. I wish I lived near a L’Abri…I think that L’Abri is such a wonderful example of being willing to ask hard questions, not be forced to conform to a “religious culture” and still hold fast to a Truth (capital T on purpose).
    With Quakerism, I don’t even touch the “peace” stuff (peace isn’t just about anti-war activism)…but instead focus on the testimonies of quiet worship, seeking the Light within, and living an uncluttered simple life.
    I look forward to chatting with you more…I am going to stick you on my blogroll! (my second one….)
    Also..I am going to be copying your Sparrow Post idea, so be on the lookout for pictures…..

  3. Hey Angela! I decided to ditch facebook and dive into the blogging world with my kids. I love yours! Thanks so much for having this! I’ll let you know when we get ours up, and I would greatly appreciate any advice or knowledge you have to share. I already feel like I know you so much more! ~Love, Crystal

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