Freddie the Drake

DSCF4582This is Fred Weasley (aka Freddie), our Indian Runner drake.  He replaced our beloved Georgie Porgie Weasley, who was killed by a raccoon a few months ago.  We all took a while to warm up to him because we were missing Georgie Porgie so much, but he’s definitely growing on us.


He’s constantly on guard, warning the flock of hawks flying overhead (or airplanes, as the case may be), squirrels and cats in the yard, etc.  He’s also good putting the chickens in their place (afterall, in his eyes, his lady-friend ducks, Audrey III (in the background) and Ping, have first rights to the food tray, treats, worms, sunny napping spots.)


(We had a hambone in last night’s bean stew, and this morning the birds got to pick it for a treat.  Freddie had his share and then let the other birds go to town.  The extra protein and fat is important to them right now since the weather has been quite cold.)


Here you can see Freddie’s angel-wing (a deformity caused by improper nutrition in his early weeks.  We did not acquire him until he was 8 weeks old, and the damage was already done to the wing.)

We are really enjoying our sociable, quirky drake as he nibbles our shoes begging for snacks, and attempts to herd us with the rest of the flock.  He’s even taken to following us into the mudroom if he can get away with it.   We’re looking forward to many more years of his company.