Top Bar Lip Balm


It’s dark so early now, I have plenty of time for indoor projects – this weekend it was making up a batch of lip balm for Parkrose Market.


Our lip balm is called “top bar” because we are top bar beekeepers, and the honey in our balm is from our bees.

As someone who is outside, working in windy rainy weather on a daily basis, I need a lip balm that will soothe and heal chapped lips and offer good protection.  I so make Top Bar Lip Balm with beeswax, organic sunflower oil, organic coconut butter to moisturize lips and fair-trade raw shea butter and vitamin E oil to help heal and protect them.


Bea loves to do woodworking with her Grandpa Bishop, and together they made me a little wooden lip balm holder for the display table at the craft bazaars I’m working the next few weekends.


She learned how to set up and use the drill press, and put 12 holes in a block of maple wood we picked up at SCRAP last week.


It makes for a neat and simple display, don’t you think?  Very much appreciate them making it for me.

You can find out Top Bar Lip Balm here.