Autumn Once Again

clockwise from bottom left: Concord grapes, Stanley plum, Inca berries and ground cherries (Physalis), goji berries, Fall Gold raspberries.

I was out picking some fruit for lunch during a break in the rain, and snapped a few photos of a portion of the backyard.   The rains have re-greened the garden very quickly.  I’m struggling to pick and roast and preserve tomatoes before the continued rains split them all.  Same with the plums.

It’s not officially autumn yet, but it sure feels like it this week.  The chill in the morning when I handle garden chores is quick to remind me that the days remaining in the garden are relatively few.  The summer veggies and fruits are beginning to fade, but so many fall foods are coming in, I am swamped with produce.

It’s always been my goal to have an even distribution of fruit crops throughout the year.   Late September is no exception.   Raspberries, grapes, late plums, apples, goji berries are all still going strong.  Physalis (Inca berries and ground cherries) are just beginning to ripen, and the quince, medlars, kiwis won’t be ready for another several weeks.

Here are a few photos from a little portion of the garden, as it appears today – lush and green, but beginning to ebb for the year:

Some of the backyard and the chicken coop.
More of the backyard and the duck house.
John Cena, the Brahma hen.
Echinacea still going strong.
Quince will be ready in a few weeks to a month.
Ruth with her favorite hen, Cookie.