Top Bar Hive




After years of dreaming about it, we finally have bees, thanks to the wonderful folks at Bee Thinking!  We have a top bar hive, which is supposed to be a more natural way to keep bees, and easier for the urban beekeeper.




We put a swarm in a number of weeks ago, and they are happily building out comb and visiting all the flowers in the garden (although we’ve noticed that the bumblebees/native bees have been extra busy this year, too.)

All of the kids want to check on the hive, but they have to take turns, since we only have two suits.  They are curious and unafraid – fascinated by the bees and eager for the honey they will make.


So far, the thing that has surprised me most is how docile the bees are.  You can tell by their collective buzzing what kind of mood they are in.  Working slowly and quietly, on sunny days, the hardly seem to know I’m there.

Look at those beautiful workers busily going about their business.  Oh, I am totally hooked.  Absolutely smitten.