My son is an addict.

Tum Tum is the sweetest, easiet baby I could ever ask for.  If all babies were like him, everyone would want 15 kids!  Unfortunately, as of late, he seems to be developing a bad bad bad habit. 

Now, I’m ashamed to admit it, but I was a thumb sucker, and my parents had a terrible time breaking me of the habit.  The girls never sucked their thumbs, their fingers, a pacifier, or had a security blanket.  I’m not sure how to handle Mr. Happy Finger Sucker.  Any advice?

2 thoughts on “My son is an addict.”

  1. Some babies just have a stronger sucking urge/reflex than others…All of mine loved their pacifiers! I think fingers are much better…At least you don’t have to go searching in the middle of the night for a lost pacifier! LOL

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