Garlic Shopping


I love autumn.  Yes, the crispness in the air, the pear and apple harvest, pulling out the fall linens and changing the nature table, not to mention Firecracker’s birthday – all of these are wonderful things.  However, if I was to be perfectly honest, the fall ritual I most look forward to is planting my garlic and shallots for the coming year. Besides onion, garlic is my favorite veggie, whether the gloves or the scapes.   So, the other day  we went here to try out some new varieties – I was like a kid in a candy store.  Tomorrow, we plant!



Please check out this wonderful wooden giveaway here.  It’s a pregnant mama with interchangeable belly pieces, that can grow as the baby grows inside! very creative!

7 thoughts on “Garlic Shopping”

  1. I’m with you, garlic is my favorite vegetable too…although I never thought to say it! (I usually say avocado which is actually a fruit, ha ha)

  2. I’m glad to have inspired you for knitting for your little boy, it’s so much fun, and quick and easiley done, knitting for babies!

  3. Thanks for visiting me and leaving a nice comment. Your post has reminded me of a fabulous recipe for roasted squash and garlic soup. I must have a rummage and try to find the magazine it was in. Perfect autumn food.

  4. I think if space is tight it’s good to grow veg that you absolutely love and that is maybe difficult to get hold of (or particular varieties).

    I have grown the odd potato plant(more for the joy my children have in digging them up) but unless it’s an unusual variety, it’s not hard to get potatoes in the shops. But purple sprouting broccoli… I MUST plant some in my garden once I get it organised, I love the stuff!

    We’ve grown elephant garlic – it’s amazing just how huge it is in comparison to other varieties.

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