Traditional Toys II – Tea Set


The girls love to play with their “fairy-sized” china tea set.  It’s a mish mash of pieces we’ve collected from thrift stores.  I don’t think we’ve spent more than $3 in total.   There are duplicates of some pieces, and we’re missing a few cups and sugar bowl lids, but the girls still enjoy serving tea to their little guests.


Some days they even make paper food (cut from magazines, or drawn on construction paper) to serve on the dishes, and fill the tea pots with water.  The girls love the feel of real china, and the proportions seem to be just right for their favorite dolls, or a visiting invisible fairy or two. 

 The fact that we have a rather eclectic set means that the occaisonal broken piece isn’t the end of the world- we’ll find another that “almost matches” within a few trips to the thrift store.

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