Some dear friends from college recently surprised the girls with Fairy-Opoly.  Could they have picked a more perfect gift for little girls who are a wee bit fairy-obsessed and love to play board games with their Daddy?  Super gift!!!

The girls played all morning, only pausing occaisonally to ask me to clarify the rules.  They nicely took turns, rolling to see who goes first, and playing calmly and orderly (I could hardly believe it – no fussing over who gets the “daisy” game piece, or who goes first, or who gets to shuffle the deck.  Yay, girls!)

 Little Hen got an hour’s worth of reading practice – she read all of the cards by herself, only asking a few times for help pronouncing large words (like Dreamweaver).  I just sat behind them, knitting, and listening to her read and read and read with such confidence.  It was great to see her so capable and so independent and to see both her and Firecracker playing, learning, cooperating all at the same time.

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