A Clutterless Moment

Our bedroom, in a brief moment of peace and order on a slushy, snowy afternoon.  This post is all for me – I had to snap a few pictures, because there isn’t any laundry wating to be folded and put away.  The books piled on the floor have been (mostly) reshelved, the picture frames dusted.  The Christmas dresser scarves have been put out, but just an everyday, well loved jeans quilt is on the bed. 


Before the next round of snowfall hits, the girls and I are going to snip some greenery to tie to the bedposts with red ribbon to make it feel a bit more Christmasy in here.  But for now, I’m happy not to have a clutter for once!

2 thoughts on “A Clutterless Moment”

  1. Good for you! It’s amazing how much clutter will get to us mentally. It looks like the sun is shining into your windows. I hope you are spared the worst of the weather to come.

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