Snowbound Knitting

We are snuggled up in the house for yet another day.  Three cars have gotten stuck in the deep snow on our street, the weatherman says the driving is very dangerous, and another 2-5 inches of snow are expected tomorrow.  Right now, my husband is shovelling the walkway to ease his cabin fever.  We are grateful to not have to leave the house and drive anywhere.   

The girls are in their room playing Susan and Lucy at Cair Paravel (we all finished reading the entire Chronicles of Narnia two nights ago, and the girls are caught up in it with their make-believe.) 

I am, at the moment, curled up on the sofa, holding a sleeping baby.  I spent the afternoon working on a little pixie hat for Tum Tum, listening to these talented ladies sing Christmas music.  (The yarn, by the way, is from Sacred Lily Farm’s Jacob sheep.  It is beautifully handspun fingering-weight 2-ply - wonderful to knit with.  My friend, Sana, raises and cares for her sheep with so much love and diligence, and she spins beautiful yarn.  I wish she had a website, so I could share it with you!)

I hope you’re keeping warm and safe in this weather, enjoying the peace of a hibernation day.

4 thoughts on “Snowbound Knitting”

  1. The music sounds wonderful, the snuggly knitting looks inviting and the creative play such fun! I’m sad your friend doesn’t have a website, too. I’m vegan, but I struggle with giving up wool. If I had a humane source for yarn, I’d certainly consider using it.

  2. Your day looks so cozy. We are feeling snowbound, too. I’m going to take up knitting this year, too. I would really like to have a local source of wool, sort of like a CSA. That would be cool.

    Did your girls get scared reading the Narnia books? Hubby and I watched the movie the other night, and were reminded how violent it was, but it seems the books would be easier to handle. Gabriel is ready for and enjoying longer chapter books. I look forward to introducing some of my childhood favorites to him.

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