A Sparrow Post of our own

Doll Journal with cherry blossom bookmark
Doll Journal with cherry blossom bookmark

Recently, the girls and I checked out Tasha Tudor’s Dollhouse from the library, as well a film about her entitled Take Joy.   In Tasha’s world, her dolls wrote and received cards, letters, catalogs via Sparrow Post. Little Hen has been making miniature letters, cards, books for her doll, Princess Rooth.   (A little side note, she used to be “Ruth”, but since Little Hen is rapidly absorbing spelling rules, changing her beloved doll’s name “to Rooth from Ruth makes [her] smile when [she] thinks about it.” )




Just a few examples – A page from Princess Rooth’s nature journal (a daffodil with insects);  in her doll journal (pictures of her two best friends, Crist (one of my childhood dolls that is now Little Hen’s) and Sunflower Baby (one of Firecracker’s favorite dolls); and lastly,  an “I love you” banner with daffodil left by a visiting fairy.

We are moving to the new house this week, and the girl’s have requested we put in our own “Sparrow Post” for their dolls (and any visiting fairies, birds, and butterfies, of course).  Can’t wait to make the post box and see what correspondence takes place!

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  1. Congrats on the new home! We’ll be moving in a few months, too. I can’t wait!! And what a lovely idea re: Sparrow Post box to welcome you and your fanciful visitors home. 🙂

  2. How amazing it is when children are allowed and encouraged to let their imaginations run free! Those drawings by your daughter are so sweet.

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