Stockmar Beeswax


We like our playdough around these parts, but we really really love our Stockmar Modelling Beeswax.

After breakfast this morning, the girls sat quietly at the kitchen table and sculpted for quite a while (while Tum Tum crawled under the kitchen table and dumped over my onion basket, peeling several onions and blissfully crunching the skins in his fists).


Woman with a Cabbage (and a cherry tree in the background) by Little Hen


A Valiant Knight by Little Hen (with a little help from her daddy)

A friend gave us the original set, but I have found individual replacement sticks at Gossamer on Burnside for less than $2 each.

And when we’re all done?  Our hands smell sweet like honey and our little sculptures grace various corners of the house (until we decide to mush them up and remake the wax into something new).

3 thoughts on “Stockmar Beeswax”

  1. My children and I love this modeling beeswax as well. I can’t help modeling along with them once the scent of the honey begins to fill the room. It’s so relaxing.

  2. I remember playing with this as a pre-teen. I made flowers out of it and stuck them onto candles to decorate. 🙂 Fun!

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