Meyer lemon


Ever since I was a girl, and our neighbors in San Antonio grew lemons in their backyard, I have wanted a lemon tree of my own.  But of course, in the Pacific Northwest, planting a citrus grove in your backyard is not realistic.


Our new home has a large L-shaped bank of windows in the front room, letting in lots of sunlight yearround, perfect for keeping citrus.   So, for Mother’s Day this year, the children bought me a Meyer Lemon tree at Portland Nursery!!

Meyer lemons are very sweet and juicy, good for baking.   The tree is a semi-dwarf, growing only about 6 ft tall (that’s do-able indoors in a pot, isn’t it?).  They also produce lemons year-round, not only during the winter months.


Look, it even has little baby lemons growing on it already!

Of course, during the summer months, the tree will live out in the backyard, but during the cool, grey NW winters, it will have a home in our front room.  (My mother teased that I should add a mandarin and a lime and have my own little orangerie.)

Stop by this summer and you can share some little lemon souffles and tea with us!

3 thoughts on “Meyer lemon”

  1. What a lovely gift! We got a lemon tree (not Meyer) when we moved here. This year it produced 7 enormous lemons! I’m a little afraid of moving it back to the rainy PNW, but can’t imagine my home without it 🙂 Looking forward to watching your orangerie grow!

  2. I read this article a few weeks ago and thought you might get a kick out of it when looking at your “Dwarf Key Lime Tree.” 😉

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