Tum Tum and I are home from my grandmother’s funeral in rural Indiana. It was a good visit with relatives and friends, and much needed opportunity to say our farewells to Grandma.

I feel very blessed to be given some table cloths that belonged to my grandmother, and her mother before her.   Every time we put them out will be an opportunity to share happy memories of “Grandma Great” with the children.

A thousand years are in your sight
Brief as a portion of the night.
Short as a dream our seasons pass,
Our lives are like the tender grass –
Luxuriant at the break of day,
But in the evening fades away…

O teach us, Lord, to count our days,
And set our hearts on wisdom’s ways
Turn, Lord, to us in our distress
In pity now your servants bless.
Let mercy’s dawn dispell the night,
And all our days with joy be bright.
– Matthew Curl, adapted from Psalm 90.

2 thoughts on “Passing”

  1. we have a similar stack of tablecloths from Andy’s grandmother. i cherish the opportunity to have such things in daily use, to tell the stories, to remember.

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