Doll Journal


After a break of several weeks (during which time, she preferred to draw and paint large portraits and wildlife scenes) Little Hen has returned to drawing miniatures and creating mail for our Sparrow Post.

We’ve decided to put the Sparrow Post box out in the garden in a few weeks when it starts to take shape, but since the yard is in such a state of transition, it hasn’t happened yet.  So instead, she leaves little sketches on the window sills, tucked into bookshelves, on the nature table – wherever a passing fairy-friend might find them.


Here she is intently filling pages of her Doll Journal with sketches of flowers and butterflies.


There’s been some more nature inspired children’s art at The Magic Onions, Syrendell, and appreciation of Tasha Tudor at Renaissance Mama, and Garden Mama.  Check them out!

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  1. I love this idea. I am so glad you found my site, so I could find yours! It seems like we are aiming for a similar home life. I look forward to more correspondence and sharing!!! I am going to give a good look at your blog tonight, once the kids are asleep, and I am sufficiently un-wound!!

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