A little comparison


On the upper left, a “cage-free organic” egg from the grocery store.  On the lower right, an egg from Plucky, one of our hens.  (I’d hate to add in a factory farmed egg – it couldn’t hold a candle.)

Now, which one do you think is the way a chicken egg is supposed to look?  Which one is shown to be more nutritious?

We love our three hens and can’t wait to add three more, so all of our eggs can be real food – just as beautiful and healthy as the one above.

5 thoughts on “A little comparison”

  1. Hooray for home-made eggs! We expect great things from our chicks over here…if they would only grow faster! 🙂 By July I keep telling myself! So cool, so cool…keep it up over there!

  2. Thanks for posting that!! I’ve read about the dark orange/red yolks of hens who forage and eat greens but have never actually seen it.

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