On the wheel, on the map


We’ve been studying a lot about map reading and map making, and yesterday afternoon I brought out a huge sheet of posterboard and let the children create and label their own “treasure map”.  (Little Hen’s idea is to re-create the map in real-life in the backyard and then use their map to find the “treasure”.   Pretty clever idea, actually.


My only concern is creating the “grape soda lake” they drew on the map…   😉

If the rain holds out, I think the girls will have a great time with their treasure hunt this afternoon.

I was feeling a bit under the weather, so while the kids worked on the map, we all listened to some Grimm’s Fairy Tales on book CD, and I had a chance to sit down and rest and work on the wheel.


The roving is some Brown Sheep mill-end roving we dyed with leftover Easter egg dye (for instructions, see here.)  I’ll ply the singles and it’ll make a nice pastel sock yarn.

Here’s what I got done yesterday.  Not too shabby for my second attempt at using the wheel (after some serious practice with scrap roving), don’t you think?    I hope to get some more done later today as we listen to the rest of Grimm’s:


2 thoughts on “On the wheel, on the map”

  1. We should get together and spin sometime. It’s been awhile since it did it, but I have my mom’s wheel and a TON of wool from her sheep. It’s a little harder to do than the roving, but you just have to go a bit slower. The stuff you spun up looks great!

  2. Jeri,
    We should definitely get together to spin!! And I know it’s a trek, but we’ve got to have you guys over for dinner sometime!

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