Buttercups and Golden Hubbards


This afternoon, while the children built a fort on the driveway out of spent sunflower and cosmos stalks, I spent a good two hours in the front yard, harvesting Golden Hubbard and Buttercup winter squash from the bed closest to the street, and removing and chopping the dead and dying vines for the compost.


Overall, not a bad harvest from a small bed!  And the front of the house looks much cleaner and nicer now that the dead vines have been pulled up.


Buttercups are considered by many to be the perfect winter squash, and we’re looking forward to enjoying some this winter.  I think they’re absolutely gorgeous.

The Golden Hubbards will keep for months and contains a tasty, rather dry, orange flesh that is perfect for Moroccan tagines or beef & barley stews.

The Sweet Meats, more Buttercups, and many, many Delicata squash will be ready for harvest in the coming weeks, as the garden yields forth its final offerings for the year.