Taking it slow

My apologies on not being in this space in more than a month.   I am in my 10th week of pregnancy with our fourth child, and I am pretty incapacitated by bad, bad morning sickness.  The house is a disaster, laundry is piling up, dishes undone, my kids are eating Ramen noodles and PBJ sandwiches.  I see the house, the garden deteriorating around me, the kids falling behind in their studies, missing my attention and interaction with them, but I’m just not able to accomplish much of anything.  And for me – someone who thrives on having 18 zillion projects going at once, loves to cook all day long with her kids, loves to make muddy messes in the yard, loves to bring meals to moms with new babies – I find I’m battling my frustration and sense of defeat at my total inability to “live my life” as much as I’m battling the exhaustion, throwing up, 24/7 nausea.

We are thrilled and overjoyed at the expectation of another child, and I know it’s a small sacrifice for such a great gift, and so many other women go through exactly what I’m going through, but right now, in the moment, I’m definitely struggling, and it’s all I can do to get through each day, much less accept the realization that I won’t be cooking for Thanksgiving this year, and Christmas gifts will likely not be finished on time.

So, in light of things, I may be posting a bit here and there, but not much until we get to Florida for Christmas, and I am feeling better.

2 thoughts on “Taking it slow”

  1. I hope you feel better. I love reading your blog posts. It seems like each new child brings an adjustment to the regular routine. You’ll figure it out and it will be better than ever!

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