Swift Watch 2012

So, I’ve come to realize that blogging, even sporadically and ineptly, is really difficult with four busy kids, and a very busy life.  I cannot figure out how to do it without taking time away from the children, or my precious few hours of sleep. (The farm’s FB page is equally neglected lately.) This morning, I sacrificed the latter, getting up long before the children, finishing poultry chores, tidied and swept the downstairs, and folded a basket of laundry before sitting down to a mug of coffee and my laptop.  So, hopefully there will be a few posts up this week.  🙂

Yesterday evening, we said goodbye to summer with a trip to see the Vaux’s Swifts at the Chapman School.  For bird nerds like us,  it had been far too long since our last Swift Watch,  so we threw together a packed dinner, snagged some toys and blankets and headed out NW Portland.

There is a steep hill next to the school, and all the children bring cardboard to “sled” down while waiting for the birds to start spiraling in.

While we waited, I got a little knitting done (trying to finish socks before the cold weather sets in) while chatting with friends.

George played on the blanket and flirted shamelessly with the women sitting behind us.

The best part of the evening was watching the Peregrine Falcons swoop in and snatch two swifts.  George just called them “ducks” and signed “birdie”, but he found the whole thing terribly exciting.

I can honestly say that every member of the family thoroughly enjoyed himself or herself, and we are hoping to go again next week.  Best outing in a long time, and if you’re in the Portland area, we’d love to have to join us next time we go.  🙂