January Sunshine

IMG_0441[1]Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along today with some sunny yellow sock knitting.  In the short, grey days of January, I often find myself picking bright, cheery yarn with which to knit.  It adds a little sunshine to the day.

The yarn is my old standbyBrown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted mill end seconds – an 85% wool, 15% mohair yarn which is very durable and felts nicely while you wear it – making it ideal for socks and mittens and soakers.   The colorway is Prairie Goldenrod, and I bought several skeins a while back because I knew it would be good for many kinds of projects.


The kids and I have enjoyed thumbing through this book together.  We missed our annual October camping trip because I was still recovering from my broken ankle and not able to hike.  We are contemplating a spring camping/backpacking trip, so camping books keep coming home with us from the library.


IMG_0439[1]While I work on the socks (an easy pattern on size 5’s for thick, warm socks), and the kids built with Legos, we watched this documentary on caribou.  The kids and I have been on a bit of an Alaska/Yukon kick for a while, and we’d love to take a family trip there someday.  I backpacked around Alaska when I was 16, but no one else in the family has been, and I’d love to show them the Tongass rainforest, the Mendenhall Glacier and climb Mt. Marathon again.  But most of all, I’d like go birdwatching and salmon fishing with the kids.  Maybe someday, but for now we enjoy reading books and watching documentaries on the subject and are content.

More soon, including late-winter gardening (Yes, there IS gardening to be done in January!).



3 thoughts on “January Sunshine”

  1. Your travel dreams sound amazing! And you could take those beautiful socks 😉
    Such a bright and happy colour – just right to break up this winter grey!

  2. Love the yellow socks! Do you have a link to the pattern you follow? I could use some nice thick socks right about now! It is freezing here! And we love everything Alaska here as well. I might have to check out that documentary!

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