Yarn Along

Yarn Along

Many thanks to Ginny for hosting the Yarn Along every week.   Each week I find new patterns to add to my queue and new books to order from the library thanks to all the men and women who participate.

I’m just about done test-knitting the first three sizes of a baby/toddler vest pattern I am working up.  If you might be interested in test-knitting a 2T or 3T for me, please let me know and I’ll e-mail you the pattern.   I hope to have the three smaller sizes of the pattern up on Ravelry in a week, since all the kinks seemed to be worked out.

The yarn is vintage Bernat (1960s?) picked up at the thrift store for 25 cents/skein.  It is 90 percent virgin wool and 10% mohair, with a fluffy halo and plenty of loft.  Really enjoying knitting with it. (The other sizes are in Cascade 220 and Lamb’s Pride Worsted, from my stash).

Each morning and evening, little by little, I’m continuing to work through the Benedictine book, The Divine Hours.

Sowing Seeds in the Desert, by the thinker-turned-farmer, Masanobu Fukuoka, just came from the library.  I find Fukuoka’s idealism almost intoxicating – he dreams of restoration, and works for a verdant earth in which people are in perfect communion with each other and the ecosystem.  His writing is full of unquenchable hope, and it is quite uplifting.

We must realize that both in the past and today, there is only one “sustainable” course available to us.  We must find our way back to true nature.  We must set ourselves to the task of revitalizing the earth.  Regreening the earth, sowing seeds in the desert – that is the path society must follow. – Masaonobu Fukuoka

Yarn Along – Baktus

The Baktus scarf is nearing completion. It was originally going to be a gift for my mother, but I am thinking the geometric quality of the scarf and it’s very simple, clean lines, would make it a better gift for a dear friend from college.  My mom will be getting a pattern more suited to her taste (as soon as I can finish it!).

It has been a very easy knit, but I kept putting it down to pick up more interesting WIPs, or I would have had it finished ages ago.  Quite pleased with it, though, and am thinking of making one for myself in grey and cream stripes, instead of the vibrant Noro.

A few of our homeschooling books this week.  We’re reading bits out of this book each day for a portion of our nature study.  We’re also beginning to delve into Dickens again (seems we always do when the weather turns) with a few children’s books on his life, before starting Oliver Twist later this month.

Ruth is just beginning Cornelia Funke‘s new book (well, it was just translated from German, so it’s new in the US), Ghost Knight.  Fingers crossed it’s as good as some of her other books we’ve adored (… Igraine the Brave, Dragon Rider and Inkheart.) 

This book is based on the Benedictine Rule of fixed-hour prayer from the sixth century.  It has specific prayers for different times of day, and I have mostly been utilizing the evening ones after I put George down for the night, while Casey is reading bedtime stories to the big kids.  The sections are concise, meditative, and uplifting.

Once again joining with Ginny for her Yarn Along today.

Autumn Yarn Along

Joining with Ginny again this week for the Yarn Along.  I’m finally getting around to finishing a book Kortney loaned me ages ago.  It has many lessons I need to learn, and am glad to have picked it up again (and she’ll be glad to have it back soon – didn’t mean to have it so very long!).

Finishing up the Pickles Vest this morning.  Only the buttons left to sew on.  It’s made from leftover bits of Lamb’s Pride.  The pattern had been on my Ravelry queue for a very long time, and last week there were several folks in the Yarn Along working on it – seemed like a good time to make one.

It knitted up quite dense and a bit small for George, so the next try will be on 10s instead of 9s.

Also enjoying thumbing through these that just came from the library, especially this one.

Looking forward to catching up on what the other participants are knitting (which will have to happen after the kiddos are in bed).