A Peaceful Moment

Tuesdays lately are a mad dash for us – mornings are coffee out with ladies from church or homeschool group for art-day.  Then, a frantic dash home for lunch, homeschool, the usual housework, and a rush to bake something for our book study at a friend’s house in the evening.  After that, it’s a quick dinner, read the chapter for tonight’s study (because I forgot to read it earlier), a quick bath for the children, and then off to the study. 

This afternoon, I had a lot on my mind and a lot to do, but Firecracker asked that I make a pot of tea.  I was feeling like afternoon tea was just one more thing to tack on the to-do list for today, and I’d just as soon skip it.  But, after some consideration and the girls insistence, I made a quick pot of tea, got out the fall tea cups, cut some squash bread, and we all enjoyed 20 minutes of peaceful tea-sipping in the afternoon sunshine. 

Sometimes children have the wisdom to see what we adults can’t grasp -our little tea party was just the pause we all needed in the midst of our hectic day.

6 thoughts on “A Peaceful Moment”

  1. what a wonderful reminder – take time to sit and drink the tea. i think perhaps (once it cools off) i’ll surprise my kiddos with a little tea party. sounds like the perfect way to reconnect in the afternoon.

  2. Mmmmmm, afternoon tea. Although, for me, hot scones with jam and cream are the perfect accompaniment…..Mmmmmmmmmm… I think today will be a baking day.

    Love love love the teacups and saucers, btw!!


  3. Ah… the restorative powers of afternoon tea!
    Owen will sometimes join me for a cup, but usually not.
    The girls are very sweet, indeed with their china cups 🙂

  4. We’ve been doing tea, too! Something about the fall weather and coming in with chilly fingers makes me in the mood for teatime. I agree, it brings much peace to our afternoons. I love your tea cozy! Did you knit it?

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