Magazine Tree Tutorial

Today’s craft was quick and straightforward, but Little Hen really enjoyed it.   The inspiration came from a colle project in the book below. (Don’t you love old craft books from the thrift store?)

Materials: various pages from the October issues of Sunset and Mother Earth News, construction paper, scissors, glue stick.

The goal of the project was to get the girls to look at textures and images in a new way – to use an ad for hardwood flooring, or a picture of a canyon wall as the tree trunk, for example.  Firecracker thought that images of pumpkins would be good for fall leaves, and I added in pictures of pillows and corn from the pages of the magazine.  The girls got a real kick out of taking one type of image and repurposing it/reimagining it as something else (in this case, parts of a tree.)

 Firecracker and I did this one together – she picked out the images, and had me cut them out, we arranged them together and then she glued them down.

Little Hen did her own – I love how she chose a sandy beach for the grey fall sky, and an image of a canyon wall for her trunk – the rocky texture really looks like bark.

Now, off to clean up the oodles of little magazine snippets littering the living room floor!