Back from our break!


Feels like it’s been forever – In the past two weeks, we’ve had rotavirus, then a chest cold, then a fever, viral pink eye, and now Firecracker has an ear infection. We’ve also found and put an offer an a house we loved, only to have the inspections reveal major problems, so we backed out, and actually ended up putting an offer on the house next door. Fingers crossed on the inspection (this afternoon), but the house was remodeled three years ago, so we are hoping for nothing drastic to turn up.

Also, as my dear friend Trish posted, my computer decided to self-destruct as did my card reader. My sister came to the rescue and graciously gave us her old laptop, so I’ll be able to catch up on some blogging while trying to close on our first house, and pack up and move!

I have two recipes to share, some knitting, some mothering and gardening…can’t wait to get it up and posted.img_4101

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