Wool Soaker – Finished





My big boy in his finished soaker.  I really like the results – the soaker stays very dry on the outside.  I was a bit skeptical that it would stay up very well on a crawling/cruising baby when it has no elastic, only an I-cord drawstring, but it really does!  Next time, though, I’ll make the leg openings a bit larger to accomodate his chubby thighs.

Also, the yarn is a very saturated, brilliant color, and left a teensy bit of blue residue on his legs and the diaper inside.  A few washes will remedy this, I hope.   The next one will be in yellow – nice and cheery for summer.

2 thoughts on “Wool Soaker – Finished”

  1. That is beautiful – and the kid is pretty cute, too. So it really stays dry on the outside? Did you treat it specially to make it stay dry? I had a wool soaker that seemed to soak right through, so I haven’t used it, since I couldn’t see the point.

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