Playing and arranging





Someone‘s been playing with the PlayMobil set she got for Easter.   I think she enjoys arranging the toys as much as she loves playing with them.  Maybe for her, you cannot separate the two – order is something she values highly, something she enjoys.  Oftentimes, everything must be “just so” before she can settle into her imaginative play, and often it must be returned to its proper place at the end of the story.   Setting the stage is an essential part of the play, afterall, and there is joy to be had in the preparation.

3 thoughts on “Playing and arranging”

  1. I know I was like that as a child. I remember setting up to play barbies with my sister, then not wanting to play with once everything was arranged. Maybe the focus on arranging is evidence that the joy is in the journey, not in the arrival.

  2. Isn’t Playmobil wonderful? My boys are into it as well, only their imaginative play revolves around knights and Romans… and gladiators… and chariots with spikes on the ends of them. Nice, huh. Just what you have to look forward to with Tum Tum. 🙂

  3. OK, where have I been that I haven’t known about the cool sets they have? A bird feeder? I think I know what some children in this house will be getting….

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