Doll Quilts/ Giveaway Update


Little Hen and I had such a good time making our doll quilt for the show, and the weather has been so hot, we thought we’d spend yesterday and today indoors, keeping cool, and making some more scrap doll quilts.



I cut 2-inch squares from more fabric scraps in my stash, and Firecracker joined us as we played at laying out the pieces in different arrangements until we each had our tops laid out.


Firecracker lost interest and went to listen to Strega Nona on bookCD,  so Little Hen and I sewed the pieces together for both her (in the foreground) and her sister’s (in the back) quilts.


I added borders, backing and top-stitched them while we all listened to Daddy read from our current chapter book.


A while back, I intended to have a little giveaway, but life got hectic, and I didn’t get around to it.  So, here in the next week, I am going to have a giveaway, and will include, among other goodies, one of the doll quilts above.   Keep checking in, and let folks know.  Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Doll Quilts/ Giveaway Update”

  1. I just found this post, and am absolutely charmed! I’m not really a quilter (make one about every 7 years….) but I LOVE doll quilts!

  2. I love the process that you are involving your girls in, what sweet memories they will have and wonderful skills they will learn. What a warm home you must have as you described quilting with your children and Daddy reading chapter books. Your quilts came out absolutely *gorgeous* and dolly quilts, well who doesn’t love the sweetness of a dolly quilt! : )

  3. Hello our friends… The girls & I just stumbled upon your blog this morning. We look so forward to seeing all the fun things you do with the kids & post on facebook …& are now blessed to be able to view this as well. The Doll Quilts are beautiful & very inspiring. Gracelyn now 8 has been so excited to learn to sew this summer & wants to make quilt patch skirts & so much more, so it naturally blessed her to see what friends have made. Great job ladies…. : ) the browne girls

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