Magic Potion


At day camp this week, Little Hen made a magic potion, which she has been applying on everyone – to cure anything from splinters to a grouchy mood.  She loves bestowing “goodness” on everyone.

Here’s her recipe as she dictates it to me ( how she remembers it from camp)

Magic Potion Recipe by Little Hen

24 handfuls of shredded beeswax

a medium sized jar of canola or olive oil (not sure which)

a whole boquet of flowers (such as roses, clover flowers, and every type of flower you can think of)

Directions – First, take some flower petals and soak them in the oil overnight.

The next day, strain the flowers from the oil.  Then, take the oil, put it in a pot and sprinkle in the shredded beeswax.  Put the pot on the stove and turn on the stove.  While you do this, you tell the fairies what magic things you want your potion to have in it (like good things to help people).

Pour  the melted potion into jars and let it cool down for half an hour so you don’t burn yourself.

To use it, get some of the potion lotion on your finger and put it on your owie or whisper a wish and rub it between your eyes.

I hope you like this.  – Little Hen

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  1. How cool!! That seems more sophisticated than the ones being made at my house for sure. I love to see creative children at work!

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