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We’re studying Africa off and on lately, primarily because the girls’ interest in the continent was sparked by their favorite musician’s recent work in Malawi.  I picked up this felt Africa playset at the thrift store on sale for a quarter, and it was a big hit.   Along with Dana’s music, we’ve been listening to some African music while the girls played with the felt set and throughout the week  – Acoustic Africa, Ladysmith’s Long Walk to Freedom, and the girls’ favorite Gift of the Tortoise.


The girls decided they would take turns setting out pieces for the other sister, who would then have to arrange the pieces and tell a story.  I think it was a great idea!  That way, they both had a chance to be to be the storyteller.

(Please excuse my pajama-knee in the shot.  Yes, I was still wearing my PJs after lunch.  It was Tuesday, which is technically PJ day at our house, although the girls decided to get dressed anyway.)


Firecracker’s favorite was this baby antelope, by the way.  She wanted to be sure it was included in this post.  🙂


We’ve been watching The Life of Mammals bit by bit, a few afternoons a week, to supplement the study of Africa’s wildlife.  I highly recommend it.  Although it covers mammals from all over the planet, the girls have gotten a lot out of it, and we’ve stopped to focus on, and discuss the mammals of Africa as they are presented.

For children’s books on Africa – here are a few we recommend  –

The Field Guide to Safari Animals

DK Eyewitness Africa

Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain (on of my childhood favorites)

I Lost My Tooth in Africa

Akimbo and the Snakes

Africa for Kids

Why Mosquitos Buzz in People’s Ears

Jungle Dreams

Hungry Planet

After we finish The Life of Mammals, if the girls are still interested, we may watch Michael Palin’s Sahara.  Who knows, maybe that will be a doorway into ancient Egypt – a topic they have yet to discover – or perhaps deserts in general, which could cover Antartica, the Sonoran, Death Valley, Siberia, Australia as well.

Or perhaps we’ll stay where we are, taking in some more of Africa.  I love that we can just marinate in a subject for weeks if we want, learning all we can discover!  For now, we’ll continue to explore the richness of Africa’s peoples, culture and wildlife (and of course, several other subjects on the side!)!

3 thoughts on “Safari Girls”

  1. Jambo! Such interesting studies at your house. I love Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain as well. I share it with my students each year. And I have a lovely recording of Why Mosquitos Buzz in People’s Ears. Such fun stories. The girls may also be interested in some of the Anansi trickster stories. Enjoy the learning!

  2. Hi Angela. How fun what you are studying. We have a big love for Africa too. Before kids we went to Kenya for a month and it was such a beautiful experience. We have been collecting kids books about Africa ever since and have enjoyed sharing them with Siena and Lucas.

    I think our “most favorite” one is Mama Panya’s Pancakes. Other ones we have and read often are:
    Where are You Going Manyoni?
    Off to the Sweet Shores of Africa.
    We all went on Safari.

    it seems like you have plenty to read and learn from but thought I’d share with you what we’ve enjoyed. Have fun and thanks for writing about and sharing your home!

  3. Thanks for sharing what you are learning. I like seeing what others are doing. Your girls had a great idea about telling stories about the felt board. I’ll have to try that with my kids.

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