Tomato seeds


You know what they say – “Good things comes in small packages.”  I think tomato seeds are just about the best small package around -they contain the promise of wonderful meals to come.


I know our garden is going to be growing food for more than our nuclear family, and therefore we’ll be starting more tomato plants than the average garden.  However, we want to grow a wide variety, and I could never use up all of the seeds from the dozen or so types of tomatoes we’ll be growing if I purchased a separate packet of each type.  Thank goodness for mix packs that contain 3 or 4 varieties to a pack – each dyed a different color, so you can still tell what seed will produce what tomato.

My favorite salad tomatoes – Black Krim and Green Zebra…I can’t wait for August!

What are you favorite tomato varieties?


(One of the two tubs with tomato and tomatillo pots – each with 4-6 seeds.  I can’t help but peek at them over and over, hoping to see someone germinating.  Patience, patience!)