Little Ragamuffins


We scrapped all other plans for today,


and simply played in in the dirt.

As Firecracker said, “There’s nothin’ more natural than gettin’ dirty.”

Somehow, in the midst of playing “dirt fairies”, “cruel dirt queen who makes her workers dig all day”, “climb dirt mountain”, “search for worms and buried treasure”, and “fill and empty buckets of dirt over and over”, we managed to spread just shy of two yards more compost over the front beds, finally completing them.

Tomorrow – chard, beets, kale, mustard greens and potatoes are sown out front.  The coming weeks – finish backyard beds, plant more veggies, mulch paths, plant a few fruit trees, and finish chicken coop/run.

Our front yard before this weekend’s garden work day:


And this afternoon:



Many thanks to all of the volunteers who helped on Saturday!!  We are excited to see the garden grow and develop in the coming months!

5 thoughts on “Little Ragamuffins”

  1. We are getting chickens too! Urban farming is so much fun! It’s great to read about what others are doing too- so encouraging! We’re getting our chicks next week, we’ve been to our local feed store 3 times this last week, getting our little supplies and just looking at the chicks….can’t wait. 🙂

  2. Tracy,
    Did you guys build your coop? If so, what plans did you use? We’ve been scouring Craigslist for used ones, but they are scooped up before we manage to get any, so, Casey is is thinking of building one – but supplies aren’t cheap!

    Enjoy those sweet little chicks!

  3. Since our chicks will need to be indoors for a couple of months, we have not built one yet. But, here is our plan: we have a wooden playhouse in the backyard that we will build nesting boxes in and attach a chicken run on to (simple wood frame w/ chicken wire attached). If you have not already, go to Also, our feedstore in Hillsboro (where we’re getting our chicks and supplies) has a couple of backyard chicken coops/runs for sale- but they are quite spendy. I also know someone who is turning a little outdoor shed into a coop by, again, putting nesting boxes inside, then they are going to attach a run on to it as well. Good luck -it’s so fun!

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