Setting the twist



The first batch of Easter-egg dyed yarn is off the wheel.  Not a bad attempt, and I can see a lot of improvement from the beginning of one bobbin to the end of the next.  And the girls enjoyed drafting from time to time, or putting a foot on top of mine and helping me treadle.  Little Hen was able to spin some of the scraps by herself (she’s a great drafter), although it’s pretty difficult for her to keep the wheel spinning.


After setting the twist and hanging the yarn up to dry, my bathroom smells of wet sheep (thank you, husband and children, for not complaining even once about the “Eau-du-wool”!).


(There are many methods for setting-the-twist in handspun yarn – some involving vinegar or weights or dishsoap and potato mashers, but with my spindle-spun, I’ve had good results with soaking in hot water for 20 minutes, shocking in ice cold water for ten, whacking the skein against the shower wall a few times, and hanging it up to dry, so that’s what I did this time.)


A bit underspun (this picture was taken while plying on the wheel), but I’m learning, and it’ll make some nice little socks for Firecracker.

On to the next batch from my stash – 1/2 a lb of purple-grey merino that will eventually be a vest for Little Hen.

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  1. Very cool! It must be so satisfying to take a project through all the different stages. And what patience to see a project through to completion! I have a hard enough time just knitting. I do hope eventually to learn to spin, though. Thanks for sharing!

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