Toddler Pants


Tum Tum is a big boy – off the chart for height and weight, and finding pants to fit him is tough (doubly tough to find pants that fit him with a bulky cloth diaper on.)

The girls and I have spent the last two days frantically sewing costumes for the kids for a costume party we’re going to tonight (pictures of the outfits tomorrow!!), and since I had the sewing machine out, and the living room was already covered in thread and fabric snippets, I figured I would attempt some toddler pants, using this tutorial for inspiration.

I made the cuffs very deep, so I can let the hem out as he grows.  Also, I made the tush roomy to accommodate a cloth diaper (although, I’ll leave even a little more room next time).


Total cost for the clown fish pants?  $2.35!  -  $2.25 for fabric (Firecracker picked it out for her brother a while ago on clearance at the fabric store), leftover fabric scraps for the cuffs (so, $0) and 10 cents for elastic from the thrift store.



I also whipped up a pair of frog pants, which cost $0.85 – the fabric was from the thrift store, as was the elastic.

This weekend’s sewing projects? – shorts and a few more pairs of pants, and then some more twirly skirts for the girls.

Check back tomorrow for pictures of our ocean-themed costumes!