Party Frock


Look what a $1 thrifted double bed sheet, $0.35 worth of thrifted ribbon and eyelet lace, 2 buttons, and 3 hours of time can produce:





The project is based on Made by Heidi’s Tutorial, although I made a few small changes (fully lined the dress, widened the bodice, used eyelet trim for the shoulders instead of making a ruffle…).  Heidi’s method of making this dress was GREAT – easy for a novice seamstress like me to follow and reproduce – I could just wing-it and still have the dress turn out nicely, which is exactly how I like to sew!!


Firecracker usually ends up with hand-me-down dresses from her big sister, and was surprised and thrilled that she got a new, extra-ladylike dress!   However, Little Hen (who, I think felt a bit left out) very politely asked if we can make her a party frock together next.   So, instead of packing up the sewing machine and cleaning up the living room, we’ll spend tomorrow after church working on a paper-patterned dress I started cutting out for her earlier in the week.


Thanks, Heidi, for the inspiration!!

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  1. Oh, I almost wish I had a little girl so I could make her a party frock! It is so darling. 🙂 Any such ideas for boys? 🙂

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