Yes, we have actually been doing things besides garden projects!  (Not much, but a little bit.)  Some recent spindle spun, shown above, spun with Brown Sheep mill-end roving,  dyed with just a bit of leftover Blue-Raspberry Kool-Aid (we left it mostly white, and drizzled a little kool-aid here and there).  I think I’ll ply it and knit some booties for the baby.

On the wheel is also some Kool-Aid dyed Brown Sheep mill-end, but this time we saturated it with leftover pink lemonade, strawberry and orange.  The resulting yarn is VERY bright, and I’ll probably make Firecracker some socks with it.



I imagine the days of getting much spinning done are coming to an end for a while – it tends to be a winter occupation, with garden, livestock, and outdoor activities spreading out before us,  spindles and the wheel may get put away upstairs before long.  Besides, I’m on the brink of my third trimester and have knitted exactly one item for the baby, so handwork time needs to be dedicated to knitting for a while.

Are there handcrafts and activities you find falling into a seasonal rhythm?  As spring approaches, what are you laying aside, and what new things are you picking up?

3 thoughts on “Handspun”

  1. Gorgeous colors! It’s so much fun to knit for babies. I just finished a little sweater for my friend’s baby, which I plan to post about today on my blog.

    In early spring, I am drawn to watercolor paint and to sew. Our garden won’t wake up until the end of next month. I knit all year ’round.

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