Late September Evening

We’re trying to make the most of the absolutely stunning late September weather, spending as much time as possible in the waning garden.

Picking and washing Concord grapes before dinner.  As we wash them, their aroma reminds me of my grandfather and his beautiful grape arbor.

The girls grew their own patch of runner beans (on a teepee), with the goal of making a pot of bean and ham soup with them.  We’ve let them dry on the vine, and now they’re ready to pick and store in jars until the time is right to make that pot of soup.

The grapes paired perfectly with our salmon and rice dinner.  Their intense flavor is a strong reminder of how blessed we are to be able to grow and enjoy truly special food that so nourishes our bodies and spirits.

7 thoughts on “Late September Evening”

  1. sweet, darling, inspiring!
    love the duckies in your header.
    we just moved and had to pass ours on to another farm.
    seeing yours made me look forward to getting a few more someday after we create the right space for them.

  2. Visiting from Ginny’s but thank you for your comment today! I am such a duck/bird lover so I particularly love your header photo with the ducks. I also saw the photo of Mr.Chirples in the post below ~ we have two parakeets, Scout and Atticus, but they still won’t let us handle them. Makes me sad! Our friend says it’s because we have two and that if we only had one bird we would definitely be able to hold him/her by now. Hmmm….

  3. I always loved coming home from school to the Concord grapes in the fall. How nice that the girls have tended their own beans and get to enjoy them now.

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