Washing eggs in the late afternoon.

Bolt, our Speckled Sussex, lays pinkish eggs with lavender speckles.  When I find one of hers in the nest box amongst the deeper browns laid by the Australorps, and blue and greens of the Auracanas, I can’t help but smile.  So utterly different than anything on a grocery store shelf, and so very beautiful.

Every time I wash a batch of eggs, a certain poem runs through my head, and I chuckle to myself.  Ruth was helping me box up the clean eggs, and gave me a raised eye brow and a bit of an eyeroll.  (Because moms are so corny to an almost-ten year-old, you know?)

Here it is, so that when you’re washing (or cooking, or eating) eggs, you can chuckle to yourself, too.  🙂


by  Shel Silverstein

These eggs
Are excellent.
I’m not exaggerating.
You can tell by my eggspression
They’re eggceptional–
Eggstra fluffy,
Eggstremely tasty,
Cooked eggsactly right
By an eggspert
With lots of eggsperience.
Now I’ll eggsamine the bill….
Ooh–much more eggspensive
Than I expected.
I gotta get out of here.
Where’s the eggxit?

6 thoughts on “Eggsceptional”

  1. Love this! And it will come in handy as our chicks laid their first egg today…there has been just a little bit of excitement around here 🙂

  2. They are so lovely. We don’t have chickens but we get eggs from a friends’. I can’t stop taking photo’s of them. I just boiled a gorgeous little blue one for my daughters packed lunch. So sweet…

  3. I know all about the excitement of a certain hen’s egg…I have one that lays raised dark brown freckles on a light brown egg. She’s a good layer even at 4 years old!

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