Yarn Along for a New Year

Glad to be joining Ginny this morning, as she restarts her Yarn Along for 2013.

Today is our first day back to homeschooling after winter break. This year, in an attempt to better meet our children’s educational and emotional needs, we’ve made some changes to the way we “do homeschool”.  From the outside, I think most observers would still label us “unschoolers”, and sometimes I would agree, but sometimes we need some more structure.  That is the beauty of educating at home – styles, focus, areas of interest, can all ebb and flow in order to best facilitate joyful and natural learning. 

A friend, who is having a similar journey with unschooling/homeschooling, connected us Melissa’s blog- Here in the Bonny Glen.  Her concept of “Tidal Homeschooling” describes where we are at, and what works for our family.

I rose early this morning, long before the three big kids.  Sitting in the front room, drinking my coffee and thumbing through books, I am trying to finish a pair of fingerless mitts for Ruth, who turns ten tomorrow.  She specially requested them (she has a raspberry colored pair she has nearly worn out).

George woke a few minutes after me, and has been reading library books along with me, and gleefully scattering his granola…

Well, off to get a pot of oatmeal going before the three other children wake, and then tend to the poultry chores in the absolutely frigid weather.  Then, after breakfast, we have a busy day of science experiments and math puzzles lined up.  Looking forward to reading the other knitter’s in the Yarn Along while Geroge naps and the big kids listen to a book on CD this afternoon.

9 thoughts on “Yarn Along for a New Year”

  1. Oh, I love the mitts…and The Hobbit, too! I enjoyed your post, and think I’ll check back here as I journey on the homeschooling road with my 3 girls. Thank you for visiting and commenting at What We Do!

  2. Thank you, Kim! Hope you had a great day, too. Ours was bitterly cold, with a biting wind, but I got a lot of cleaning done indoors as a result! 🙂

  3. The mitts look lovely – love the stripes! Your daughter will love them. Also, thanks for the tip on the homeschooling blog. We’re not unschoolers, but I have that bent a little. Usually after lunch the kids are free the explore, but before that we have a schedule. It ‘mostly’ works for us. Glad I stopped by – you have a lovely space here!

  4. Love the mitts and I know she will like them! We are LOTR fans here-our dog’s name is Frodo! Glad to visit your blog and have a look-see 🙂

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