Rejoining the Yarn Along


A little early morning, bleary-eyed knitting with my early-riser.

He was up long before his siblings, so we snuggled in bed as he sifted through a jar of buttons (one of his favorite past-times), and I chugged coffee and finished a few inches on this little project:


Joining Ginny for her Yarn Along this morning, and Nicole for her KCCO.  I am in-between books at the moment, but have been a tad-bit obsessed with watching Wrapunzel’s tutorials while I knit.

Looking forward to visiting the other knitters in the Yarn Along after the kids are in bed tonight.


7 thoughts on “Rejoining the Yarn Along”

  1. Thank you, Nadja! I didn’t dye it, it’s mill-end seconds from Brown Sheep. I love the cheeriness of the colorway and the variation, too, and at $3 a skein, I couldn’t pass it up.

  2. Awww what a gorgeous little helper. Brings back memories for me. My kids were button sifters too. Actually the oldest never grew out of it. LOL She went into fashion design and still loves her buttons. 🙂 Your little project is very nice!

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