Yarn Along: Annis

IMG_0143[1]Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along this week.

Knitting: I’m finishing up the Annis Shawl in Brown Sheep Nature Spun fingering weight yarn.  The yarn was purchased several years ago on clearance, but I had never found the  right pattern for it until I recently came across “Annis” on Ravelry.

Reading: Just finished re-reading How To Make A Forest Garden by Patrick Whitefield.  Every time I thumb through it, I glean something new to apply to our landscape.

On a whim I snagged On Such a Full Sea, by Chang-Rae Lee from the library “Best Picks” shelf.  It is a Dystopian post-apocalyptic novel, and while I am only two chapters in, I must say that the writing is light years better than other novels I have read lately from the same genre.  The prose is absolutely gorgeous – rich and vivid, and yet not in any way combersome.  Not surprising, considering Lee has been a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.



The rain today is dreadful, so much of the day was dedicated to play and craft projects in the living room, reading and mathematics, and all the sibling squabbles that come from being confined indoors.

Wishing you a peaceful rest of the week.




2 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Annis”

  1. What a great choice in patterns! Love the shawl, and the color……i’m so out of the loop. i didn’t even know that brown sheep had a fingering weight nature spun. Such a great workhorse of a yarn….(I have a sweater i knit from nature spun YEARS ago….and it looks like it just came off my needles. You have years of enjoyment ahead of you!)

  2. Hello Angela, I answered you in my blog, but just in case:
    I do love my wooden snack board too, it’s adorable, got it on a cheese fair in France a while ago. I started knitting socks one at a time on DPNs too, and loved it… this month I decided to try out the famous magic loop and two at a time and I probably won’t ever use DPNs again. I love making them toe up (the toe part looks way neater plus you get to finish your yarn) and I used to get the double sock syndrome before (when you knit one and never finish the pair).. making two at a time is a miracle! haha.
    Give it a try, I bet you will love it too
    You have a lovely blog! I have to try and knit a shawl one day, yours looks beautiful!
    And omg, jam and spinning! wonderful and inspiring pictures. Hope your ankle is better 🙂


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