Sweet, Spicy Goodness of Fall

Earlier this week, I got around to making my Caramel Spice Pear Butter with some of the pears from our Hood River trip.  I’ve been fiddling with the recipe for years, and think i finally got it perfect this year – the right balance of homemade caramel, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice.  One batch uses 22 pears, so our stash is significantly reduced.  The rest will be eaten fresh, go into vanilla pear pie or pear-gingerbread cake (This recipe is so scrumptious, and I make it for Thanksgiving especially, but can’t take the credit for it, it’s all Martha) .


I love the luminosity of pear butter.  It has a glow that you don’t get from apple butter.  Not to mention the wonderfully slightly grainy texture that I like so much.  As soon as we’d finished canning the jars and they cooled, we popped one open and had gobs on fresh banana bread.   It’s also delicious between gingersnaps, on pumpkin bread, or to glaze a roast chicken or pork roast. 

Hope you have a peaceful, blessed Sunday.

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