Toadstools sprouting up around here

The girls’ interest in all things “fairy” as of late has sparked an ongoing exploration of toadstools (afterall, they do make up fairy rings!).  We’ve discussed various types of fungi, their physiology, their purpose as decomposers, etc.  It’s been a really fun topic!

Firecracker’s birthday is coming up on Halloween (Reformation Day), and I wanted to make her some little felted toadstools for her nature table.  At the local thrift store last week,  the design took a slight turn – I found 3 vintage paper and wax toadstools for $0.65, and knew they would be perfect.  While Firecracker was on a walk with Daddy, Little Hen felted them (with supervision!) into some white roving and scraps of wool yarn to make 2 mini play mats.  I think Firecracker is going to love them, and so will her little Play Mobil dolls and wool fairies!

MayaMade  and Little Seedlings have also been crafting up good shroomy-themed things lately. Check them out!

2 thoughts on “Toadstools sprouting up around here”

  1. There’s something about toadstools isn’t there? :0) You’re so lucky to have found these!

    My daughter’s birthday is on the 27th, so there’s two parties to look forward to at the end of the month (with Halloween).

  2. Those ‘shrooms’ are delightful. What a great find.

    As is this little blog. I’ve always wondered about roasting my own pumpkin seeds…. I’m off to try it out now. Thanks 🙂

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