Doll Making – Freestyle, Part I

Last Christmas, my mother gave me a box of 100% wool fabric scraps that were leftover from a Christmas tree skirt she had made.  This past week, we used a few of those scraps to make some very simple, rustic wool dollies.  (The girls wanted to make each other handmade dolls, like Mary had made Laura a doll in Little House in the Big Woods.)

The girls picked out which fabrics they wanted (and I picked out some  for my own doll!), and we free-handed a doll shape on a double-layer of the skin-tone wools.

We took the sewing machine down from the attic, and set it up on the kitchen table.  Each girl took a turn sitting in my lap and together we guided the other girl’s doll around until it was fully stitched, except for a slit on the side.  I gave them each a chance to work the pedal while we sewed my doll, as well. 

In the next post we’ll finish the dolls…