Hats for my baby boy

I finished this hat a few weeks ago.  It’s a Debbie Bliss pattern that I altered quite a bit, made of 100% merino handspun (although, not my handspun – I bought it at an estate sale.)

After two ladies in two different places asked me what my baby girl’s name was, I thought I should probably make him one in a different color.  (I personally don’t think purple is a particularly “girlish” color, but I guess some folks do.)  So, here’s the one I made in yellow.

3 thoughts on “Hats for my baby boy”

  1. Awww I’d say it’s a compliment that people thought that he was a girl!! If I’m ever in doubt as to the gender of a baby, I always ask “what’s her name”. Then if it is a girl, no harm done, and if it’s a boy, I then exclaim “oh! Isn’t he gorgeous for a boy!”. I do this because a few times when the Moomin was a baby (dressed all in pink, I might add), I had strangers asking me what “his” name was. It used to annoy me, as (even if I do say so myself) she was always (and still is, in my opinion!!) a very pretty baby, with long eyelashes and rosebud lips. Bah! lol 🙂

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