Purple Pixie

I have a few projects going at once, but managed to finish another one of these.  This time it is in 0-3 mo size for yet another friend expecting a baby (so glad more of our friends are starting to catch up with us!  Growing families are such a beautiful thing).  I used this yarn, size 3 needles.  The yarn is very soft and stretchy, and I love the flecks of pale blue and deep pink, and the slightly nubbly texture.   I will definitely be making more.

The weather has taken an unusual dip into the 50’s, so instead of swimming today, we did some sewing (more on that tomorrow) and hit the thrift stores.  Where else can you spend $40 and bring home two tablecloths, 12 nice shirts and blouses (including some DKNY, J. Jill, and Ralph Lauren!), two skirts, 5 girls skirts, 8 girls dresses, 3 girls shirts, 4 baby boy shirts (Talbot’s!), darning needles, knitting needles, yarn, some fabric, a knitting book, 2 kids books, and a beaded purse?  Florida has the best thrift stores, hands down.    I mean, finding a Laura Ashley girl’s dress in the 50 cent bin??  Getting to the Family Thrift on 99 cent day??  For a thrifty girl like me, it is a big thrill, to say the least.

Hope you had a day of gratifying frugality, too!

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  1. Oh how I ♥ thrift stores! But they are off limits until we move…nothing new in to the house until I’m totally de-cluttered. So far, so good…but with all my trips to the thrift stores to deliver it’s challenging not to look (but I mustn’t!!)

  2. I can sympathize! That’s why, when we were getting ready to move this past summer, I made my husband run all of our donations in, or I would take mine to the drop-off only sites – otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to withstand the temptation!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! What fantastic finds!! If only we had thrift stores like that near me. Ours are all dusty and surprisingly expensive, to say it’s all stuff that was given to the store for nothing!!

    I need to take a trip to the US – and Florida in particular!! Although I am going to New York next January. Does anyone know of any good thrift stores there?

    Gemma x x

  4. Oh, I love, love, love thrift stores. I buy just about everything there (except basic clothes, which are hard for me to find in sizes that fit and some kitchen stuff that we get from my cousin, who owns a kitchen shop and deserves the support). I just identify the need and within a couple weeks it always pops up!

    We have a super fantastic local shop that I visit twice a week or so, mostly to find supplies and stock for my businesses, but I get way too many things for me, me, me! Very high volume, reasonable prices, good markdowns, and convenient location.

    My favorite scores include:
    wool, silk, and cashmere sweaters (some with tags, some super cute vintage), all for under $5 often for under $2.
    the absolute best fabrics (100% linens, wools, vintage screenprints, etc.) for $1.98 a bag
    adorable vintage pyrex/fireking/glasbake for $1 or so (this is my addiction–I’m forbidden from buying more)
    New in box designer Christmas cards for 75 cents (Unicef, MET museum, etc.)
    Boardgames for 75 cents (we play a lot of games)

    Once I even found (very small) rubies inside something I bought. I think I paid 75 cents for whatever it was. Rubies!

    Oh, I could go on and on and on and on.

  5. Just to let you know that I am having a giveaway on my blog at the moment where you can win some lovely little pretties. Feel free to come and visit. 🙂

    Gemma x x

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