Crayon Heart Pendants



Last night’s Valentine crafting – silly me, trying to work on Valentine’s crafts with the girls and cook dinner at the same time while Tum Tum crawls everywhere and all before my husband is home from work!  They turned out pretty well – I adapted the “recipe” from Feb 2009 Wonder Time magazine (although I skipped the cookie cutter bit and just used a heart-shaped cupcake mold).  Tomorrow we will string ribbon through them.

These were a great use of leftover broken crayons, and surprisingly, the girls’ favorite part was peeling the paper off the crayon nubbins. 

Up next – pink marshmallows, or maybe chocolate flowers.  The weather outside is so nice, we may just head out to the park.  Hope your day is full of sunshine, too!

2 thoughts on “Crayon Heart Pendants”

  1. What a clever idea!! I have got to try this one now with the Moomin!! She’ll love it as crayons are her favourite thing!! 🙂

    Gemma x x

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